Oceanography students find that oil spills are hard to clean up

Measuring Photosynthesis with Algae Beads

Testing rates of cellular respiration in mung beans

Forensic Toxicology in Action

Assessing the damage done by Coral Reef Bleaching

Oceanography students working on the Coral Reef Bleaching Lab

Making Enzyme Product Graphs (in test tubes)

AP Biology Students making enzyme product graphs with Catalase Enzyme (from broccoli leaves) and hydrogen peroxide.

Learning Spreadsheets

Oceanography students learning how to make sense of large data sets through graphing.

Guest speaker:Whitney Kolipano, Death Investigator

Guest speaker:Whitney Kolipano, Death Investigator
Yes, that hammer went into that person’s head!

Testing Drugs: The Unknown Powder Lab

Speed Dating Cell Organelles

Why not replace a boring lecture on cell organelles, with some very entertaining speed dating? Just remember to smile and be a good listener!