We have moved

Thanks to the Covid 19 pandemic, Mr. Van Arsdale’s classes are no longer using this website. All of my courses have moved to ASD Canvas. Please ignore the content on the google calendar.

Marine biology students replicating the work of a seabird observer at sea

Marine Biologist (and ERHS class of 2009) guest speaking to Marine Biology Students about her work with polar cod

Learning how marine mammals stay warm…

Oceanography students find that oil spills are hard to clean up

Assessing the damage done by Coral Reef Bleaching

Oceanography students working on the Coral Reef Bleaching Lab

Learning Spreadsheets

Oceanography students learning how to make sense of large data sets through graphing.

Plate Tectonics

This weeks was all about Plate Tectonics. In order to understand large scale plate boundaries better, students used models made of frosting, graham crackers, and rice crispy treats – sweet!

Making waves

To better understand how waves work, we’re literally making (and then measuring) waves.

Oceanography Students on a Plankton Safari