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1. Bowhead whales are important and iconic Alaskan whales.  Bowhead whales...
2. One way to attached a tracking tag to a large humpback whale is to
3. An elaborate, coordinated feeding strategy used uniquely by humpback whales in the North Pacific
4. In the North Pacific Humpack whales "sing."  Only the males sing, indicating this is a reproductive behavior.  Recently scientists were able to use specific song structures to show that...
5. The length and stiffness of Mysticeti whales baleen varies greatly.  Select the statement below that gives a true statement about the baleen structure and its feeding function.
6. Right whales are some of the most endangered whales on the planet.  Which of the following is killing right whales.
7. Mysticeti whales share all of the physical and behavioral features except
8. Transient orca whales
9. Which of the following provides evidence of whales terrestrial evolution
10. Scientists have learned some pretty amazing things about the hearts of Blue whales, such as
11. Baleen whales are sometimes referred to as "ecosystem engineers" for their ability to build food webs.  One way they do this is
12. Which of the following is not true about Odontoceti whales