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Seabirds are able to drink salt water thanks to
Seabirds have hearts with ________ chambers
Penguins are
Gannets feed by diving from a great height into the water in order to catch their prey.  This strategy is known as...

Which of the following is the least threatening to sea bird populations

Seabird die offs, like the one reported in the Bering sea in 2019, are not unheard of.  However, this one was concerning because it involved several species and was the fifth die off reported in the Bering Sea in Five years.  The most likely cause of this die off was
Common murres will swim to a depth of up to 250 feet in pursuit of schools of small fish.  They would be classified as
Don Croll says of the Aleutian Islands where foxes are introduced species. "The terrestrial ecosystem was being subsidized by marine-derived nutrients, and the foxes basically cut off the subsidies by interrupting the flow of nutrients coming from offshore,  It transformed the plant community from one that does well in nutrient-rich conditions to one that does well in nutrient-depleted conditions."

This means that
Which of the following feathers are primarily used for flying
Common murres will often nest along steep cliffs.  They do this