Text Questions: Commercial Fishing

  1. Watch a TEDed explanation of “The Tragedy of the Common’s.”  Explain the key pieces of this theory in three sentences or less.
  2. In the 1970’s and 1980’s US and Canadian Governments encouraged unrestricted access to Cod Fisheries of the Grand Banks area. That means anyone with a boat and trawl nets could go fish it. They also gave government guaranteed loans to help you build a boat. This fishery collapsed in the 1990’s. Do you think this is a good example of tragedy of the commons? If you are not sure, what else would you want to know?
  3. Go to Earth-Policy.org, after reading, describe what has happened to the Earth’s largest fisheries and the Earth’s largest fish.
  4. Use the Google slideshow in lesson 03 to explain how set-netting, drift-netting, and purse-seining are used to catch Alaska Salmon.  Need help?  At any point you can check out this summary of different fishing methods.
  5. Use the Google slideshow in lesson 03 to explain how long-lining works.  Also, explain what by-catch means, and how by-catch is a drawback of long-line fishing.
  6. Explain the term IFQ, and how it is used to regulate bottom fish commercial fisheries in Alaska.
  7. Use the Google slideshow in lesson 03 or the attached link to explain how trawling works to catch fish.  In your explanation describe how bottom trawling can lead to bottom habitat destruction.
  8. Use the Google slideshow in lesson 03 to explain how pot fishing works and what kinds of species it is used for in Alaska.
  9. Check out the 2019 summary of Alaska Commercial Fishing.  How was the year?  Which species represented the largest number of pounds or the greatest value $$?
  10. What kinds of things is Alaska doing to make their fisheries more sustainable into the future?  What kinds of things could you do?